Why is Methamphetamine Addiction so Frequent?

Methamphetamines are prescribed for many medical issues. The most common is attention deficit disorders. Another frequent cause for prescribing this drug is obesity. The reason this is the drug of choice for these types of health issues is the way methamphetamines work in the body.

There are other medications the physician can prescribe for his or her patient. Generally, when a doctor does prescribe a methamphetamine it is for short-term use. Short-term means six weeks or less. The problem occurs when the patient starts enjoying the feelings of euphoria caused by the drug.

What happens when a methamphetamine enters the body is a release of dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine. These are all chemicals produced by the body to help us feel good or produced a state of euphoria. It is very easy to become dependent upon medication that triggers so many great feelings.

The problem is withdrawal produces the exact opposite affect. A person may become lethargic, depressed, or develop eating disorders. They may sleep excessively. The user may also have feelings of anxiety. As a result the drug user may find it necessary to take a sedative to “come down”.

Crystal Meth is the name most commonly used for this drug on the street. In the 1960s methamphetamine was being processed in-home laboratories across America. Today meth labs exist everywhere.

The drug is used illegally far more than it is prescribed by a doctor. People find that they can lose weight with the methamphetamine. They convince themselves that it puts them in a better mood. The user is able to focus better. They are more mentally alert. The appetite decreases. The drug also does away with fatigue.

But people don’t know meth can also increase the heart rate. The blood pressure is raised. Blood sugar levels go up. These are not healthy effects. Also a persons fight or flight response can be effected. To put it bluntly a person doing methamphetamine’s may feel they are 10 feet tall and bulletproof. This is why the use of methamphetamine has grown. It is for these reasons people become addicted to crystal meth.