How to Recognize Marijuana Abuse

Marijuana abuse leaves certain tell-tale signs both in the body and mental functioning. It can have negative effects, and there have ways to tell if someone has recently used marijuana. Dilated pupils, bloodshot eyes and an overall sleepy appearance are some of the symptoms of marijuana abuse. If you look in a marijuana abuser’s room, you’ll likely find rolling papers, pariphenalia (pipes, plastic bags, clips, etc). People who have a problem with marijuana abuse suffer from reduced motivation, difficulty thinking and delayed reaction and thoughts. Also, it’s possible that they may act in an over-dramatic fashion and have a feeling of limitless energy.

Marijuana drug addiction can cause a lack of coordination on driving tests and in other tasks requiring motor skills marijuana affects this part of the brain in much the same way as alcohol does. For example, reaction time is reduced on an average of 41% after smoking one marijuana joint, and 63% after two. People who engage in marijuana drug abuse often aren’t aware of what they’re putting in their bodies; marijuana has over 400 chemicals such as THC, and there are 60 of these chemicals which are only found in marijuana.

Because marijuana abuse is illegal, even simply possessing the drug can lead to prison time. The majority of people arrested for marijuana-related crimes have been arrested simply for possessing it. Marijuana abuse can result from easy access. It is often grown for money, and can be sold at a high price, which gives a profit to the dealer. This is especially prevalent in California, where marijuana is the most widely grown. It is important to get people addiction treatment before this happens.