Alcohol Rehab and Celebrities that Attend

Generation after Generation, celebrities seem to have issues. These issues are blown up in the media, and often surround alcohol and drug abuse. Alcohol rehab has been a constant force in the media and tabloids, as celebrities continuously find themselves making trips to the very alcohol rehab centers that they have visited before.

Many believe that the spotlight put on celebrities by the media drive them to drink. Alcohol rehab, sadly, is not surprising anymore, and is generally expected to happen to many of the stars of current generations. Some stars and their drinking issues are generally hidden to the public until their publicist announces their trip to rehab. Others have their lives magnified by the media, and their trips to alcohol rehab are exploited and blown up.

Many of the celebrities who wind up in alcohol rehab were child stars. They may still be relatively famous now, but their heyday was in the past. Some believe that this can cause celebrities to turn to alcohol and lead themselves to an alcohol rehab clinic.

Many celebrities take multiple trips to alcohol addiction treatment. After the first trip, many find that they are unable to conquer the issue, and must go to alcohol rehab again to fully take care of the problem. The media can be harsh on these celebrities. Many celebrities, however, thrive on the media attention, and are quick to return to their drinking ways to help themselves stay in the spotlight.

Celebrities and alcohol rehab have become a consistent piece of news over the last few years. Some actually have a major issue. Others may use rehab as more of a publicity stunt to make certain matters look worse. What is known, however, is that many celebrities attend alcohol rehab facilities, and that the media and tabloids constantly report on it.