Employer Intervention for Alcohol Abuse in Kansas

The alcohol addiction treatment program in Kansas certainly considers alcohol abuse to be a workplace problem. More than 70% of people who are addicted to alcohol are in a part-time or full time job. While they are employed, they are also into a strong form of alcoholism.

This is definitely taking a toll on the economy of the state. The problems are seen in the form of lost workdays, late reporting to work, working below full capacity, having hangovers at work, thinking about alcohol during work and such. In addition, if such a person is booked for an alcohol related offense, such as DUI, it can mean a loss of face as well as loss of productivity to the company. It becomes extremely vital for such reasons to effectively tackle workplace alcohol abuse in Kansas.

In order to solve this problem to an extent, the intervention program in Kansas is making use of employers. Employers are the people who are most affected by workplace alcohol abuse. Hence, most employers are only too willing to intervene. Employer intervention in Kansas basically consists of helping the patient to overcome denial, usually through the prospects of job retention or even promotion after the treatment is over. This helps in motivating the person to go through the treatment, especially since the alcoholic patient does not lose much on account of the treatment.

In some cases, employer sponsored programs can help fund the employee’s alcohol addiction treatment too. This is through the Employer Assistance Program which is applicable in the state of Kansas.