A Review of Al-Anon Family Group

When someone in our life has a problem with alcohol we don’t usually see the changes that take place in us, we just focus on what the alcoholic is doing to themself. We don’t always realize how deeply another person’s problem with alcohol affects us, but it has a major impact on our lives and changes who we are inside too. It can also be embarrassing sometimes to admit to others that someone we love and care about has a drinking problem or that they’re an alcoholic. We find ourselves many times making excuses for their behavior, blaming ourselves or others for their behaviors and try desperately to make things better.

Alcohol Help and Support for Family and Friends of Alcoholics

It’s important that family members and friends find recovery for themselves because as Al-Anon believes, “alcoholism is a family illness” and “changed attitudes can aid recovery”. Al-Anon Family Group In Ulysses, Kansas provides fellowship meetings for relatives and friends of alcoholics to attend so they can find the support they need to begin their own recovery process.

Taking Positive Steps Helps Family and Friends Heal

Most people think their life can’t get any better until the alcoholic gets help and stops drinking because they’re the ones who have the problem, but that isn’t true. There is something a person can do for themselves to make their lives better now and in the future whether the problem drinker in their life receives help or not. Al-Anon members understand what alcoholism does to family and friends when someone in their life has a drinking problem. They have found positive ways to make changes in themselves that promote healing and recovery by applying the 12 steps into their daily lives and by helping and supporting others.

You will come to understand attending Al-Anon meetings that alcoholism is a disease that there’s no cure for. You can’t change another person and make them stop drinking but you can make changes in yourself and make your life better. If your life is being affected by a loved one’s problem drinking and you live in Ulysses, Kansas, attending an Al-Anon meeting at Al-Anon Family Group is a step in your own healing process that you won’t regret.