A Review of Al-Anon

It’s just as important for family members and friends to seek guidance and recovery as it is for the person in their life that has a problem with alcohol. It doesn’t matter if the problem drinker or alcoholic seeks help or not for their addiction, it’s important that those affected by a loved one or friends problem drinking receive help so they can heal too.

In Massachusetts, Al-Anon support groups are available for individuals that are affected by someone’s problem drinking so they can connect with others who understand and that are facing the same challenges in life because of it. Members of Al-Anon soon learn they’re not alone and that they can’t control someone else’s drinking problem and behaviors, but that they can control how they react and cope with it.

Al-Anon members obtain strength and wisdom and are able to heal and receive spiritual growth by:

  1. Attending group support meetings
  2. Listening and sharing with others
  3. Applying the 12 Steps and principles of Al-Anon in their own daily lives
  4. Changing their own personal behaviors

Whether you’re a spouse, partner, parent, grandparent, teen, sibling or friend of someone with a drinking problem, you are emotionally and spiritually affected by someone else’s problem with alcohol and it can affect all areas of your life. Al-Anon Family Groups provide “strength and hope for friends and families of problem drinkers” and can make a major positive healthy difference in your life. Massachusetts provides Al-Anon support group meetings for residents in need of strength and wisdom due to someone else’s problem drinking so they too can heal from the effects alcoholism has had in their life.