Drinking and Driving Treatment Program in Georgia

DUI has always been a major problem in the state of Georgia, with several arrests and reprimands taking place in various parts of the state each week. In order to solve this issue, the addiction treatment program in Georgia has come down very strictly on people who drive under alcoholic influence.

The following is a list of rules for people who have been caught driving under alcohol abuse in Georgia:

  1. If a person is caught DUI for the first time, there’s a reprimand and possibly an arrest. But if the person has been arrested twice or more in the last five years, then the person becomes a multiple DUI offender.
  2. Such people will have to complete a program known as the DUI Alcohol Risk Reduction Program which is approved by the DHR. In some cases, like in people with serious addictions, there will be a need to complete a Substance Abuse Treatment Program in Georgia.
  3. A clinical evaluation will also be needed. This clinical evaluation must be performed by a doctor who is on the approved list of the DHR. The clinical evaluation is mostly a diagnostic exercise. When this is completed, the patient is recommended a mode of treatment.
  4. The treatment includes two main aspects. The first is to attend a program that the evaluator will describe, and the second is to participate within the program.
  5. The treatment program in Georgia for multiple offenders of DUI can range from 17 to 52 weeks. The duration is decided by the clinical evaluator and it is necessary that the program must be approved by the DHR.