Teen Meth Addiction in Utah

Quite unfortunately, the concentration of methamphetamine addiction in Utah is among the younger population of the state.

The major source of this lethal drug in Utah is the various meth labs that are clandestinely operating at various places in the state. These meth labs are mostly operated by one or two people and the addictive substance is produced by using some very ordinary materials like cough syrups containing ephedrine and pseudoephedrine, lantern fuel, antifreeze and such other substances. This is a youth problem because the methamphetamine produced in such meth labs is distributed among the nightclubs and the rave parties where youth frequent. That is the reason the problem is more among the youth of the state.

The problem of crystal meth addiction in Utah also stems from here because these meth labs usually produce this purer version of methamphetamine known as crystal meth, which the local youth call as ice.

Youth are much more vulnerable to a meth addiction than adults are. They can get into the addictive mode very quickly and they will face very strong withdrawal symptoms if they are made to abstain from the substance. Due to this, they may not even wish to enter into any addiction rehab center in Utah for methamphetamine or crystal meth treatment.

But the problem is more serious than that. Methamphetamine is known to be a slight aphrodisiac. In fact, there lies most of the attraction of the substance. That, and the fact that methamphetamine is always used in groups, makes this substance a potential risk factor for an HIV infection. It is very sad to see how a significant number of Utahan youth are going the way of methamphetamine addiction and then a probable HIV infection.