Why must you select a Specific Geriatric Alcohol Rehab or Drug Rehab in South Carolina if you belong to that Age Group?

Common sense dictates that if you are anywhere above 65 years of age and seek addiction treatment in South Carolina, you must take the advantage of the various geriatric rehab centers that exist within this state. These rehab centers, as their name suggests, are specifically designed to meet the needs of this community. If you are a senior citizen and you place yourself in a general rehab center, you are sure to find many problems and issues that you did not think of before. This happens because geriatric alcohol or drug rehab in South Carolina is specifically engineered to meet the specific needs of the age group, but other treatment options are quite generic.

People of an older age are more susceptible to health problems, for example. If you have a health condition too, such as a heart, kidney or liver ailment, then you will not be able to undergo a detox program in the same way as a younger person would be able to. The geriatric detox program in South Carolina is alive to such requirements and has designed its treatment practices to better fit the age group.

Also, if you are a senior citizen, you are more prone to develop a prescription drug addiction. Some of the drugs that are used in rehab treatment are themselves habit forming. Methadone that is used in heroin abuse treatment in South Carolina is an example. In such cases, you may need alternative treatment methods. Again, an age-specific alcohol or drug rehab will understand this situation better.