Why is Dual Diagnosis Recommended in most Drug Abuse and Drug Addiction Treatment in South Carolina?

Like many other states of America, even South Carolina has now started insisting on dual diagnosis treatment for their drug addiction patients. The orthodox methods of mere detox for nearly a week or more followed by a basic counseling therapy for six months to a year have now undergone a sea change. Dual diagnosis is the prevailing method of treatment for drug addiction in South Carolina now. But what is dual diagnosis after all?

Quite simply put, dual diagnosis is a double treatment method for redressing the problems of the drug addiction as well as underlying mental complications. Most people who are drug addicts have mental problems or develop mental problems later on. These could range from simple feelings of depression and anxiety to sophisticated imbalances such as schizophrenia and hallucinations. In fact, mental problems are both an offshoot as well as a cause of drug addiction. People take to drugs because of certain mental conditions within themselves and then drugs can either aggravate those conditions or bring on new problems, or both.

Several American states have begun understanding this problem. South Carolina is included in the list. Today there are many dual diagnosis drug rehabs in South Carolina which are working at these twin aspects of the problem. Since the world has begun looking upon drug addiction as a mental affliction rather than physical, this kind of approach becomes necessary.

In a dual diagnosis drug treatment center in South Carolina patients are treated through medical programs like rehab as well as counseled for their mental problems. The treatment usually takes longer than a normal treatment does.