Substance Abuse at Home

Unfortunately, kids and teenagers have found ways to get the benefits of drinking and doing drugs without actually having these substances with them. Substance abuse at homes has become a rampant problem, as things such as pills, medicine, and spray cans have become more main stream. There are many forms of substance abuse that can happen at all homes.

If the home has a personal bar, this could be an open invitation for a kid or teenager for substance abuse. Alcohol is the actual substance, and an unlocked, un-watched bar in a household can lead to youth substance abuse, right under the nose of the parents.

Medicine has become an unfortunate way for drug addiction to start at home. Prescription pills and painkillers are being taken by those who are not prescribed them. They take them in hopes of a high, euphoric feeling similar to that of drugs. This form of substance abuse is incredibly difficult to track, as pills can be sold easily, even in schools. Cough medicine is also used for it’s alcohol content. This form of substance abuse can harm kids, and allows them a method to get intoxicated without needing the normal alcohol.

The main problem with substance abuse at home is the ease with which it can happen. People are left home alone. Medicine cabinets and bars are left open and unlocked. This is normal practice, but unfortunately, it promotes substance abuse in the home that must later be addressed through addiction treatment.

What are some steps that can be taken to prevent substance abuse at the house? Locks on medicine cabinets and an at home bar can help discourage substance abuse. If this is too extreme, simply keeping tabs on the amount used normally can help to make substance abuse stand out. Substance abuse can easily happened behind closed doors, so it is very important to attack and prevent it before it can start.