A Review of Owl’s Nest Residence House

There’s a number of different paths people have taken to overcome their use of alcohol and other drugs to achieve a clean and sober lifestyle. Alcoholism and other drug addictions are very difficult to overcome though no matter what path of recovery an addicted individual may take. Sadly many alcoholics and drug addicts obtain help for their addiction sometimes numerous times and continue to be unsuccessful in achieving continued sobriety because addiction is a relapsing disease.

Understanding and working the 12 step path to recovery from Alcoholics Anonymous has successfully helped a vast amount of addicted individuals overcome their use of alcohol and other drugs of abuse and successfully manage their sobriety and ongoing recovery. It’s not always easy for a person in recovery from addiction to fully understand and apply the twelve steps of AA into their lives though.

In Florence, South Carolina addiction recovery services provided by the Owl’s Nest are very effective and unique. The staff at the Owl’ Nest personally understands firsthand what their clients are going through because they’ve been there themselves and obtained sobriety through their same program.

The Owl’s Nest program provides clients with intensive education about the original twelve steps of AA and how to affectively apply the steps into their daily lives so they can be successful in their ongoing recovery. Addiction treatment programs provided by the Owl’s Nest include a short term program that consists of a 28 day stay and a long term program with a 4 month stay for men and women willing and able to participate in their recovery.

The Owl’s Nest in South Carolina also provides a Transitional Living Center for client’s that have completed their primary program successfully should they decide to choose this level of care. If you’re battling chemical dependency and are willing to commit yourself to the unique 12 step program of recovery the Owl’s Nest provides, you can successfully achieve a life of healthy sobriety like so many others have since 2001.