Road(s) to Recovery

Recovery from Addiction isn’t easy and it doesn’t happen overnight. When a person stops drinking alcohol or abusing drugs, it takes hard work, honesty, and patients but it’s definitely worth it. There is nothing more rewarding in life than to know you realized and admitted there was a problem, you asked for help, and you gave it your all and tried. It takes some longer than others but in the long run, you will heal emotionally, physically and spiritually and can begin to live again.

Everyone is different but many have taken the same steps in order to move through abstinence from drug and alcohol abuse and then into recovery. Some of these steps taken include:

  1. First, the person acknowledges the fact that they have a problem.
  2. They then sought and accepted help and support from a reliable resource instead of just relying on their will-power.
  3. With the help and support they found when choosing reliable resources such as 12 Step programs or Addiction and Rehabilitation Treatment they did whatever it took to become abstinent and stop using.
  4. Through the guidance of others, they found workable plans that have helped lead them toward a healthy recovery.
  5. They took the important steps and plans that they found and put them into action throughout their daily lives. They worked hard consistently through effort, attention and self-awareness to keep recovery their main focus at all times.
  6. They continued to find resources to help deepen their recovery and utilized everything they learned while working toward recovery. They encouraged themselves physically, mentally, and spiritually keeping in mind healthy growth and change.
  7. They then became powerful resources for others who needed help. This is the most rewarding spiritual growth and healing that comes out of recovery.

Reliable Resources to Consider

There are many reliable resources and simple time-tested recovery plans ready to guide alcoholics, addicts, and codependents out of addiction and into recovery. The following are extremely valuable resources that can help you too get your life back and on the road to recovery:

  1. High Bottom Drunk is an excellent novel that’s honest and straight forward when it comes to Addiction and Recovery. Addiction to drugs or alcohol destroys every part of your life but it’s extremely uplifting to know that there’s life after Addiction and you can successfully recover.
  2. Books on Recovery can be essential tools when a person is working toward sobriety from drugs and alcohol. Here you will find informative, educational and inspirational books that can help you on your journey to Recovery and Self-Awareness.
  3. Articles on Recovery can be very informative and helpful for those seeking information on Addiction and Recovery. These articles will give you a better understanding of Addiction, Denial, and Recovery and put some of the myths about Addiction and Treatment to rest.
  4. Recovery Support Groups have helped thousands of people work toward Sobriety and Recovery. There is Spiritual and Religious Philosophy based support groups as well as Non-Spiritual (Non-Religious) based support groups. Recovery Support Groups are an important part of Recovery for those in need of strength, encouragement and support from others.
  5. Recovery-Related Websites are abundant throughout the Internet and some are better than others. Finding quality content and information related to Addiction and Recovery can be exhausting sometimes. Here you will find websites we feel are not only informative but answer questions you may have pertaining to Addiction and Recovery.
  6. Personal Recovery Stories from those who have found sobriety and recovery are not only uplifting but helpful to others who are seeking recovery. Addiction, Dependency and Codependency are very serious issues and not easy to change. Inspiring Recovery stories from those that have successfully found Sobriety and Recovery gives hope to others that they too can achieve Recovery in their lives.

Where To Go From Here

  1. Everyone needs to find their own path when working toward sobriety and recovery from addiction and dependency. To find a path that’s right for you, look for recovery information on the internet, at your local library, or in book stores. Reading successful personal recovery stories from others can be helpful sometimes because they may have found help that you haven’t run across while searching for information. There are excellent Spiritual and Non-spiritual Addiction Treatment Centers, Experienced Counseling Centers, and Support Groups available for those seeking Recovery from addiction and dependency.
  2. Seal The Deal: Once you have found the path that’s right for your recovery, don’t give up. I realize that’s easier said than done sometimes but?You can do it and You’re definitely worth it! We all make poor choices in life but the important thing is to learn from them. Remember, yesterday is over and today is a New Beginning because there really is ‘life after addiction’. Thousands of people have successfully recovered from addiction and dependency and You Will Too!

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