A Review of Alcoholics-House of Hope

House of Hope, Inc. in Columbus, Ohio has been helping chemically dependent men and women effectively find recovery since 1959. Drug and alcohol treatment services provided by House of Hope are abstinence-based and they’re staffed with caring experienced professionals that help men and women achieve sobriety and recovery success.

Because drugs and alcohol can have such a devastating impact on a person’s life due to the destructiveness addiction causes, its crucial recovering individuals obtain the right level of treatment. At House of Hope, Inc., their clients are assessed to make sure they receive the appropriate level of treatment they personally need and House of Hope provides various levels of exceptional care.

House of Hope, Inc. provides treatment for all forms of substance abuse which includes alcohol use disorders, prescription drug addictions, and all types of illicit drug addiction. Drug and alcohol treatment services provided by House of Hope, Inc. includes a residential program for chemically dependent men, outpatient drug and alcohol treatment services for men and women and long-term sober housing for recovering men.