A Review of Volpicelli Center

If you’re seeking alcohol or drug treatment services in Pennsylvania that allows you to remain at home with your family while receiving treatment for opioid or alcohol dependence, you’ll find exceptional individualized care and support from Volpicelli Center. Treatment at Volpicelli Center is provided on an outpatient basis. Their clients are able to receive personalized treatment for their addiction and remain employed while surrounded by the support of family and friends during their recovery.

At Volpicelli Center, all of their client’s receive complete evaluations during their initial visit, so you can rest assured that treatment will address all of your unique needs and recovery goals. Ambulatory detoxification is one of the many effective components included in Volpicelli Center’s intensive outpatient treatment program, other elements include rehabilitation treatment, transition and follow-up.

Volpicelli Center in Pennsylvania is committed to providing their patients with excellent addiction treatment services and high quality care. Their clients are able to remain comfortable and achieve their goals from drug or alcohol dependence because their treatment includes medication and psychosocial support during their recovery.