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Drug Abuse and Addiction Relapse Prevention Program in Wyoming

Relapse prevention can be considered to be the most important part of the addiction treatment program in Wyoming, which believes that a person is not fully recovered until there is even the remotest chance of a relapse happening.

That is the reason why the person is provided the greatest in relapse prevention care as soon as a detox program in Wyoming is completed.

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Substance Abuse Information

The information below will help you understand what category a person falls into if they experiment with alcohol or drugs. You will also find information regarding abstinence and recovery. This information will help a person who isn’t completely sure how they want to reach recovery for their drug or alcohol problem. Substance abusers, alcoholics, addicts and anyone who may be codependent will learn what steps to take to achieve a positive recovery.

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Re-examining Good and Evil: Transcending Dualistic Thinking

We need to understand the need to rise above Dualistic Thinking and embrace life and those that are in our lives. Dualistic Thinking can be harmful to ourselves as well as the world around us. This type of thinking keeps us closed-minded, prejudiced, and defensive. Get the most out of yourself, people in your life, and the world around you and rise above negative thinking. Changing the way we look at life can make all the difference in the world with how we live life, look at life, and the way we look at dependency and addiction.

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Safety First: A Reality-Based Approach to Teens, Drugs, and Drug Education

Our children and youth are our most precious gifts in life. It’s our job as parents and educators to keep our children safe by teaching Alcohol and Substance Abuse Prevention. We have learned that our children and youth of the world are inquisitive, that many will experiment with alcohol and drugs, and that they are not necessarily naive. Drug education in the past hasn’t worked for many people and it’s time to take a different approach.

Safety First is a realistic approach to Drug Education which entails knowledge, communication, listening on our part, honesty on their part as well as ours, and safety where drugs and alcohol are concerned. Telling our children and youth that drugs are ‘bad’ and ‘just never do them’ doesn’t work. It’s time to be ‘real’ with them and allow them to be ‘real’ with us.

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Determining Risk for Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

If you have ever wondered or worried that you or someone you care about had the potential to abuse Alcohol and become dependent someday, review these common symptoms. Being aware of the symptoms of alcoholism can help you determine if you or someone you care about has a problem with alcohol. Many times being aware of the symptoms is all it takes when determining the need for help and Treatment.

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Stress Management in Recovery

Stress plays a big part in everyone’s life and most of us don’t know how to manage it. During times of stress people who abuse Drugs or Alcohol tend to reach for a drink or get ‘high’ because this is and has been their ‘vice’ for stress. When an individual is working toward sobriety and recovery, their ‘vice’ is no longer there. It is imperative to their recovery to learn new healthy and positive ways to manage stress.

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Myths and Facts about Addiction and Treatment

There is so much information out there today regarding Addiction and Treatment for Substance Abuse. Much of this information is conflicting and sometimes makes it hard for an individual to decide if they need or even want Addiction Treatment. Here we put the myths to rest and give you the ‘true facts’ when referring to Addiction and Treatment for Substance Abuse.

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Symptoms of Addiction: Loss of Control

Many people are unsure if they or someone they care about is actually Addicted to Alcohol or Drugs. Loss of Control has a lot to do with Addiction. The following questionnaire will help you understand the meaning of ‘Addict’ and Addiction’ and if answered ‘honestly’, will help you determine if you have formed an addiction to Drugs or Alcohol.

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Abstinence vs Recovery

Many people confuse Abstinence with Recovery when referring to drug or alcohol dependency and addiction. Abstinence takes place at the beginning when an addict chooses to stop abusing a substance and Recovery requires many important complex steps that at times may be complicated but necessary to not only be physically recovered but emotionally and Spiritually Recovered.

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Understanding and Moving Through Denial

Denial is a big part of addiction but quite often the word ‘Denial’ gets confused with the word ‘lying’. Many times Denial is a defense mechanism we use when we feel threatened or intimidated. When we refer to Addiction & Denial, there are many forms denial can take and it’s important to understand the differences. This is important in order to help oneself who is suffering from Addiction or someone we care about.

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