A Review of Calhoun Treatment Center

In the U.S. opiate addiction is damaging lives everywhere. It’s sad because opioid dependent individuals can begin their recovery journey comfortably without experiencing intense cravings and other miserable symptoms of withdrawal through medication assisted treatment.

With methadone maintenance, instead of fighting cravings, individuals’ dependent on powerful narcotic pain medications and/or heroin can begin the process of healing and restoring their lives. If you’re an adult and opiate addiction is controlling your life and you reside in Calhoun, Alabama or in a county nearby, you can end your pain and suffering by obtaining help from Calhoun Treatment Center.

On an outpatient basis, Calhoun Treatment Center’s quality opiate replacement services include Methadone Maintenance and Detoxification combined with numerous therapeutic services and personalized care. Calhoun Treatment Center provides their adult patients with an individualized recovery path and the tools they need to heal and free themselves from opiate addiction.

Along with individualized methadone treatment, Calhoun Treatment Center in Alabama educates their client’s about addiction, relapse and recovery and provides them with the education and knowledge they personally need to achieve and maintain their successful recovery goals.