A Review of Lanier Treatment Center

Regardless of how a person may have developed an addiction to prescription painkillers, long term dependence is extremely hard to overcome due to intense cravings and other miserable symptoms of opiate withdrawal. For decades methadone has been a successful treatment option for opiate addiction.

Methadone treatment allows the individual to focus on their recovery without experiencing cravings and other miserable symptoms of withdrawal.

Lanier Treatment Center is a clinic in Gainesville, Georgia that provides Suboxone and Methadone treatment for opiate addiction in an outpatient setting. Lanier Treatment Center is privately-owned and provides high quality treatment for opiate addiction in a therapeutic environment. Patients are encouraged to take an active part in their treatment at Lanier Treatment Center because the staff wants them to be successful in their recovery.

Besides medication therapy, Lanier Treatment Center in Georgia provides their patients with the personal help, education and support they need to reach and maintain long lasting recovery from opiate addiction. If you’re addicted to prescription painkillers or other opiates, methadone treatment may be right for you too.