A Review of A Helping Hand

Today opiate abuse is one of the more common forms of drug addiction because of the misuse and abuse of prescription painkillers and there are still many people addicted to heroin. Painkillers like Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, Morphine, Codeine and Fentanyl are commonly abused by both men and women and in all age groups today.

There are a lot of people who are dependent on prescription pain medications or heroin and want to stop, but the withdrawal symptoms can be so intense and miserable they’re unable to quit using on their own. Medication assisted treatment can make a huge difference when it comes to opiate withdrawal symptoms and long term recovery success.

In Maryland when an adult aged 18 and over is in need of help for opiate addiction, they will find excellent care and medication assisted treatment at A Helping Hand Health Services. They are staffed with qualified professionals that are licensed, certified, and experienced in opiate addiction. They help their clients through their treatment and offer support, knowledge and guidance assisting them on their journey toward recovery.

At A Helping Hand in Maryland you will receive the best treatment and care available and are always treated with dignity and respect. Besides a compassionate experienced staff and a comfortable and supportive environment, A Helping Hand provides the following for opiate addiction treatment:

  1. Drug Treatment for adults aged 18 and older
  2. Methadone Maintenance
  3. Individual Counseling
  4. Group Counseling
  5. Referral Services
  6. Urine drug screening
  7. Alcohol testing
  8. Medical review
  9. Referral to primary care doctors or specialist
  10. Various self-help groups

It doesn’t matter why a person has become addicted to prescription painkillers, heroin or any other opiate drug, with the right help and methadone maintenance treatment if needed, you can overcome your addiction and lead a drug free life. If you’re seeking help for opiate drug addiction and you live in the state of Maryland, A Helping Hand will help guide you through your recovery so that you can have a healthy and happy future.