A Review of Rapid Drug Detox Center

Rapid Drug Detox Center in Michigan provides their patients with effective, safe and affordable ways to get their life back and be free from opiate addiction. They are the only facility that offers the RDD Method which is an anesthesia detox from opiates that is a safe and effective method. They are also the only rapid detox center in the country that performs the anesthesia detox procedure in a JCAHO Accredited Hospital operating room and has 2 physicians that are Board Certified present during the anesthesia detox procedure.

Detox programs at RDD Center include Rapid Anesthesia Detox and Naltrexone Therapy for the detoxification of opiate drug addiction including narcotic opiate drugs. They make sure the patient is a good candidate for rapid drug detox by providing thorough medical evaluations, history, physical exam, EKG, blood work and urinalysis. If the patient is a good candidate an individualized aftercare plan is set up with a psychologist. When the aftercare plan is set up, their patients meet with a board certified anesthesiologist so they can understand the anesthesia detox procedure.

As stated above their rapid anesthesia detoxification takes place in a private JCAHO Accredited Hospital and their patients are monitored at all times by their highly trained and specialized medical staff. They use an infusion of intravenous medications that are FDA approved that removes opioids from the opiate receptors they have attached themselves to. Naltrexone Therapy is started immediately after this procedure to make sure that the opiate drugs don’t reattach.

Rapid Drug Detox Center provides their patients with Naltrexone Therapy which is non-addicting and comes in three different dosage forms. Their patients are able to choose the form of Naltrexone Therapy they would prefer which includes a Naltrexone Subcutaneous Pellet/Implant, a sustained release injectable ‘IM’ shot, or a daily oral pill form of Naltrexone.

When the detox treatment is completed their patients stay at the hospital for at least 24 hours in a recovery area and are provided close medical supervision and expert care while they rest.

Post Procedure Care: Their patients are then discharged and stay at a hotel, patients are encouraged to have a family member or friend stay with them during this time as a caregiver. If their patient is unable to provide their own caregiver, they are required to hire 24 hour nursing services which are provided through Rapid Drug Detox Centers qualified medical staff. They provide licensed and specially trained medical personnel that stay at the hotel 24 hours a day to monitor their patients and answer any questions the patient or caregivers may have. During the next few days the patient rests and their caregiver assists them when needed.

Patients have a follow up visit with the doctor the second morning after the procedure and they are discharged to go home. They continue to monitor their patients remotely and provide medications if needed for at least a month after they’re patients are home. Patients and their family member have access to their head nurse 24 hours a day 7 days a week in case they need anything.

Rapid Drug Detox Center is always available for their patients even after their back home with their families. They provide their patients with compassion and excellent care and are committed to each and every one of them.