The Dangers of Heroin

When many people think of drugs, they think about the more basic forms. They think back to the older days where marijuana use was everywhere, and everyone seemed to be fine. When they think of heroin, however, they are unsure. They’re not sure of the dangers and affects that heroin can have on the body. Heroin can be incredibly dangerous, however.

One of the worst things that can happen with heroin is the “Over Dose”, or “OD”. It is possible to overdose on heroin, and that’s what makes it so dangerous. When someone overdoses fro drug abuse, they die. It is not something less serious, as some who use think. Overdosing on heroin can kill you.

While it is debated, heroin is considered a habit forming drug. This means that it is possible to become addicted to the actual drug itself. An addiction is when multiple dangers of heroin rear their head, including the possibility of an overdose.

Because heroin is injected with a needle in the most used form, this opens up an entire can of worms. Using a dirty needle to inject the drug can lead to multiple issues, such as STD transmission or Hepatitis transmission. Many fail to realize that they can contract HIV through a needle.

The dangers of Heroin addiction are numerous; these are just a few of the major known dangers of the drug. Becoming addicted to heroin can lead to multiple issues. Overdosing is a possibility with the drug; this is the ultimate danger of drug use. Using a needle can lead to multiple diseases and viruses. These multiple dangers should be made known to anyone who is considering the use of heroin. The more that people know about a drug, and the more informed they are, the better decisions they will make.