How Drug Addiction Can Affect Family

A drug addiction can affect every aspect of someone’s life. The strongest affect of a drug addiction is felt by the family of the addicted individual. When drugs start to take over their life, they can affect how the user interacts with everyone, and this can cause strain on the family.

Family members, most importantly, have the strongest relationship with those dealing with a drug addiction. Some have watched them grow from a baby to an adult; others have been best friends with them from birth. A drug addiction easily affects these relationships. The mood changes, money, and dependence issues that came with a drug addiction affect all connected to the addict. They help pay for rent and groceries when the money is used for the addiction. They deal with the mood changes of the individual, who can love them one minute and start yelling and being upset with them the next.

It hurts loved ones and relatives to see how a drug addiction can ruin their loved one’s life. They feel for the person that they care about. Seeing the effects of drug addiction make them wish for a change. Because of the strength of a drug addiction, this is not easily changed. Some families, stage an intervention in an attempt to help their loved ones and get them into addiction treatment. Others take different approaches to help the person with a drug addiction. Some families are so broken hearted that they give up on the drug addiction issue and on the addict all together.

Families are easily the most affected by a drug addiction. The relationships they have with the drug user can be battered and shattered by drug abuse. When others start to be affected by the one using the drugs, it becomes a huge issue for everyone involved.