Celebrities, Treatment Centers, and PR

Treatment centers have managed to reach the headlines of every major news station and tabloid in the nation. Celebrities have found themselves checking into treatment centers for various reasons, from pills, to alcohol, to drugs.

Amazingly enough, all of the celebrities who find themselves in an addiction treatment center manage to have their PR machines pump out press releases and official statements about the reasoning behind their trip to rehab. They ask for respect and privacy as they check into a treatment center, yet their sending out statements about the fact that they have indeed checked in.

Many of these celebrities find themselves in and out of treatment centers. They go in for drug problems, get out, and wind up back in the same drug rehab center a few months later. While some celebrities go to treatment centers after getting into trouble with the law, many of them check themselves into treatment centers for multiple times. While it is to be commended that they are looking to take care of themselves, you cannot help but notice that they keep landing in treatment centers over and over again.

The media coverage surrounding celebrities who go to treatment centers is borderline chaotic. As Britney Spears was heading toward the hospital to get treatment, helicopters and motorcades followed her, beaming live feeds to CNN and other new places so that the nation could watch. Occasionally, celebrities not in the spotlight, in need of a comeback, wind up in rehab. After rehab, they announce their comeback, and try to ride the wave of publicity.

Celebrities have given treatment centers an interesting viewpoint with society. They have almost made a mockery of treatment centers, but in turn, have made the idea of going to a treatment center less taboo. Whether or not they actually need the treatment center, they have put them in spotlight.