Thinking Guide to Sobriety

The Thinking Person’s Guide to Sobriety
Author: Bert Pluyman

This book is an excellent read for anyone who questions their own use of alcohol and worries that they may have a drinking problem. The Thinking Person’s Guide to Sobriety shares the author’s experiences with alcohol addiction as well as other’s stories. This book is full of facts and will answer many of the questions an alcoholic may have when going into recovery. After reading this book many people will examine their own relationships with alcohol.

Book Reviews:

  1. I found this book to be an excellent addition to the AA Big Book. The author isn’t nearly as “dry” or antiquated as the BB, in his writing, and the book is a great, up-to-date read on alcoholism.
  2. I would give this gem 10 stars if I could. It has helped me and two others come to grips with our problems. Delivered through intelligent stories and some astonishing facts and figures that surround alcohol, this is book that must be at the top of the list of anyone who suspects they need to look at their drinking or the recovering alcoholic. Buy it and keep it. Share it with your friends.

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