A Review of Interim House Inc West

Even though alcohol and drug addiction can be effectively treated, many people suffering aren’t able to obtain professional treatment because they’re also struggling financially and may even have to rely on public assistance in order to make ends meet.

Addiction is a life-long illness and because of the tremendous toll substance abuse causes to a person’s life, professional treatment is often necessary for healing and recovery to occur and unfortunately this level of help can be impossible for low income individuals to afford.

In Philadelphia, substance abuse and mental health treatment services provided by Interim House are very unique because they’re specifically designed for chemically dependent female residents of the state eighteen and above receiving public assistance. Chemical dependency services at Interim House involves multiple levels of high quality holistic treatment and care.

The Interim House program includes residential treatment, an intensive outpatient program and an outpatient counseling program. Female residents of Interim House in Pennsylvania receive the personal help and support they need to heal emotionally, physically, socially and spiritually and they obtain the tools they need to attain life-long freedom from substance use.