A Review of Bridges Treatment and Recovery

People with alcohol or drug abuse problems that don’t require a residential structured level of care can obtain help from Bridges Treatment and Recovery in Washington. Substance use services provided by Bridges Treatment and Recovery are of high quality, intensive, individualized and obtained on an outpatient basis.

At Bridges in Washington treatment can be obtained for heroin, meth, marijuana and all other types of substance use disorders which includes prescription drugs and over the counter medications. It’s not difficult for a person to receive treatment for a substance use problem at Bridges because their drug and alcohol programs are scheduled around the client’s personal responsibilities.

People receiving treatment from Bridges obtain the ability to achieve full lasting recovery because they address and treat the whole person not just symptoms of substance abuse and addiction. Bridges Treatment and Recovery provides a wide range of help for those suffering from problems related to substance abuse and their services can be obtained in Bellingham and Ferndale Washington.