A Review of New Chance Inc

You don’t have to be chronically dependent on drugs or alcohol before the misery and suffering begins because all levels of substance abuse can mess up your life. Substance abuse at any level can affect a person’s health, relationships, education, employment, lead to legal problems and a potentially fatal overdose at any given time.

If substance abuse is destroying your life whether you’re chronically addicted or not, you can begin healing and beat your drug and/or alcohol problems and reclaim your life with the right help. New Chance in Kansas helps adults and adolescents achieve a clean and sober lifestyle for the long term no matter what level of help they need.

Numerous levels of high quality treatment can be obtained at New Chance in Dodge City, Kansas so it doesn’t matter if a person needs help for binge drinking, casual substance abuse or they’re battling any level of addiction. Drug and alcohol treatment services at New Chance are effective, individualized and include non-medical social detoxification, residential treatment, outpatient treatment, halfway house services and more.