Drug Abuse and Addiction Relapse Prevention Program in Wyoming

Relapse prevention can be considered to be the most important part of the addiction treatment program in Wyoming, which believes that a person is not fully recovered until there is even the remotest chance of a relapse happening.

That is the reason why the person is provided the greatest in relapse prevention care as soon as a detox program in Wyoming is completed.

The relapse prevention program is carried out in some specific manner in most rehabs of the state. Though each drug rehab in Wyoming will have a treatment pattern of its own, the basic methods used in the relapse prevention program remain generally the same. The following are the methods used:

  1. The person is put into an aftercare program as soon as the detox program is completed. Here the person is first made to understand that the treatment is not complete because at any time a relapse can occur. The person is made to understand the possibility that a relapse can happen and is educated on what he or she must do to prevent it.
  2. The person is coached on identifying the risk factors that can bring on a relapse and is trained on how these risk factors can be avoided.
  3. The person is trained on how to join some activities that may distract his or her mind from the addiction. This is a part of the program known as social adjustment.
  4. The person’s family is also trained on identifying the possibilities of an incoming relapse and what they must do if a relapse really occurs.