A Review of Horizon

Horizon is Western Arkansas Counseling and Guidance Center and they provide treatment for adolescents that are in need of help for chemical dependency and co-occurring psychiatric problems. They are a counseling and outdoor adventure program that is staffed with mental health and substance abuse professionals who work together in order to provide adolescents with individualized treatment. Their goal is to help adolescents achieve a productive life that’s free of mental health and substance abuse problems.

Their program is accredited by CARF for children and adolescents for integrated alcohol and other drugs and mental health in areas that include Outpatient Treatment, Residential Treatment, Case Management/Services Coordination and Detoxification.

Horizon provides counseling and an outdoor adventure program and together their team of mental health and substance abuse professionals provides individualized treatment for their young people in need of treatment. A traditional 12 step model of treatment, mental health counseling and outdoor adventure program provides their young people with a holistic approach for their recovery.

Horizon requires family participation because the entire family is affected when the adolescent is going through problems. They promote intensive family involvement followed by ongoing family therapy because Horizon feels it’s critical in terms of successful treatment.

Horizon’s residential treatment is around forty eight to ninety days which is then followed by continuing outpatient care. Their outpatient treatment is provided to individuals, families and groups.

A very important part of treatment is Education and Horizon has certified teachers that provide individualized education in the classroom which is coordinated with the individual resident’s school program. They also offer a pre-GED program for residents that are currently enrolled in their hometown.

Horizon’s outdoor adventure therapy helps young people to improve their skills in terms of decision making and problem solving, this is done through team building and trust exercises. Their adolescents learn to work individually, as team members, and reach goals they have set.