A Review Of Deborah G. Dunston Adolescent Treatment Center In Arkansas

Deborah G. Dunston (DGD) has a Residential Treatment Center in Arkansas and offers a Holistic approach empowering teenagers that are chemically dependent and their families toward developing healthy and responsible functioning through chemical-free living. At DGD, offering intervention, prevention, education, and treatment to chemically dependent teens and their families gives them the opportunity to change and live a chemical free way of life.

The Deborah G. Dunston Adolescent Treatment Center has wonderful goals set in place for those entering into their Residential Treatment Center for adolescents. They care about teenagers and want them to learn to live life free of mood-altering chemicals. Another goal is for the adolescents to improve their performance in school and to develop interpersonal relationships. DGD promotes physical, spiritual, and mental health and well-being in a safe and secure environment.

Holistic Treatment Approach

There is a traditional 12 Step model of treatment integrated at Deborah G. Dunston along with an outdoor program which provides adolescents with a holistic approach towards their recovery. Incorporated into treatment are extensive assessments and counseling sessions which include individual, group, and family counseling. Counseling sessions are structured from evidence based programs. There are new evidence based programs that have been added also. These include Anger Management, Change Company’s Interactive Journals and the Matrix Model for Adolescents.

Family Participation and Counseling

Another wonderful thing about adolescent treatment through Deborah G. Dunston is that family counseling is mandatory. They realize that addiction affects everyone including the significant others. There are family sessions that are held every other Friday. These family sessions follow Alanon for the parents and are also mandatory. Their Alanon coordinator has over 20 years of experience with the program which adds to their success. At Deborah G. Dunston they believe it’s crucial and critical for the families to be involved in their child’s treatment and recovery.

Experienced Staff

The staff and counselors at Deborah G. Dunston are all high quality and experienced in every phase of substance abuse treatment. Treatment at DGD is carried out by Certified Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors and this is done under the supervision of Certified Clinical Supervisors. Licensed mental health professionals conduct mental health evaluations and there is always a medical doctor and registered nurse on staff.

Criteria for Admission

At Deborah G. Dunston Center adolescents that are 13 years of age thru 17 years old are eligible for admission. The treatment needed must be mainly for substance dependence and the center is Coeducational. Adolescents must meet the diagnostic categories of substance dependence. Those seeking treatment cannot be actively psychotic. The adolescent seeking treatment cannot be actively violent or suicidal. They must be enrolled in school and willing to participate. Participation from the family is mandatory. There can be no history of physical aggression, sexual misconduct, or fire setting.

Deborah G. Dunston Educational Program

The Dunston School is located on-site. This school is accredited by the Arkansas Department of Education. In a self-contained classroom, a certified Special Education Teacher conducts individualized instruction. The Juvenile Educational Initiative (JEDI) is an online program that assists their students in remedial instruction and assesses their educational needs. This school also provides GED and ACT preparation for those seeking higher education.

Deborah G. Dunston Outdoor Adventure Therapy

Deborah G. Dunston offers an Outdoor Adventure Education Program that follows the model of Adventure-Based counseling that is designed for a setting where group process and debriefing is essential. This program offers opportunities to improve skills which include:

  • Team Building
  • Communication
  • Trust Building
  • Decision-Making
  • Problem-Solving
  • Self-Esteem Building

This is a wonderful program and therapy is accomplished through hiking, ropes courses, caving and camping. If you are looking for experienced and reputable addiction information and treatment that offers a Holistic approach for adolescents, Deborah G. Dunston Adolescent Treatment Center offers one of the best.