A Personal View of Addiction Treatment

For Amy Winehouse, a trip to a treatment center was not what she had in mind. When she wrote the lyrics to rehab, she was sure about that. She says that “they tried to make me go to rehab, but I said no, no no”. Turns out, they did.

You see, Amy Winehouse was checked into a treatment center after abusing both alcohol and drugs. Winehouse is known for singing on stage with a drink in her hand, and has been outspoken about her drinking habits, and how she is ok. Some pointed to her small, skinny, and frail frame as reason to make her to go a treatment center. Others pointed to the troubles she was having with her relationship; her boyfriend was put in jail, and she was having a difficult time dealing with that.

Winehouse’s dad finally called for her to go to a treatment center. Winehouse’s music was doing well at the time, and her father even called for a boycott of her music, asking that her fans help to make her understand that she needed to go to a treatment center.

After some fighting and refusal, Amy Winehouse finally agreed to visit a treatment center. This choice made news for two reasons. Some found it incredibly ironic that her hit song was called “Rehab”, and she had refused to go for so long until she finally gave in. Others were impressed by the fact that she finally caved in to go to a drug rehab center.

To make matters better (or worse), Winehouse performed during the Grammy awards via Satellite from England. Winehouse was unable to get a permit to visit the United States due to her current stay in a treatment facility. Noting her improved look, many are glad that Winehouse finally agreed to go to the addiction treatment center.